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Configuration editor help

Running the editor

The current version is a Tcl/Tk program. Check the README file for how to get Tcl/Tk and how to run the program.

Editing a setting

Click on the setting you want to edit. In the spreadsheet version, you can enter the changes right into the cell. In the standard version, the entry will appear in the upper part of the window, where you can change the setting. Note that the left hand side of the list is not editable.
To commit the changes, press [Return] or the OK button. [Esc] cancels the change entered in the input field.

Inserting a directory

config_popup To insert a directory quickly, right click and choose "Insert Directory..." in the popup menu. The current selection in the input line is taken as default, or the home directory if there is no directory highlighted. The directory selector has been written by Daniel Roche, <>. In that program, "Open" opens the directory while "Ok" uses it as the new value.


The "Save" button saves all changes to the current (default) configuration file. So far, there is no support for several configuration files.


This button loads the previously saved version of the configuration file.