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Color picker

This simple Tcl/Tk plug-in shows a selection of all 6x6x6 = 216 colors commonly used in web pages. It is also possible to enter the value directly as a hexadecimal number. The bar to the lower left always shows the exact color (in case a numeric value is entered), while the selected color in the top part is always the color of the WWW palette that lies closest to the numeric value.

In order to enter a hexadecimal value directly, click at the entry and overwrite the number. Then press [Enter] in order to update the selection. [Ok] uses the currently entered value and quits the color picker.

While "only" 216 colors may not leave you the freedom to use any color you wish, the palette is usually large enough. The human eye is not too sensitive to subtle color changes, so more colors are seldomly needed. Displays with only 256 colors can cope with that palette, while they cannot display pages using different colors.

This program comes with the Config tools and is distributed under the GPL. Therefore, anybody writing a GPL'ed program can include it in his own program. It is very easy to use - the call "Colorpicker::tk_getColor" starts it, and it returns either a color value (as a string) or an empty string (if the selection is cancelled).

Download the color picker

Screenshot (slightly older version)