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Warcraft - Lord of the Clans

"Lord of the Clans" is the latest project about the Warcraft universe. It's not a strategy game like Warcraft or Starcraft, but an adventure and thus not comparable to Warcraft.

Some people have misunderstood the title and thought it could be a sequel to Warcraft. The only things it has in common with Warcraft is the setting. You'll see good old friends like Deathwing and Kargoth Bladefist again.

Even though adventures are gradually dying out, Blizzard has confidence in its former history where there are no failures as yet. The adventure will play in Azeroth where Thrall can escape from the prison. From his childhood on, he had been held captive by the evil lieutanant Blackmoor. This bad guy had also hired the murders of Thrall's father, Rend and Maim. Rend and Maim

Thus, some points of the story are already given. Despite the sinister background, the game is said to be a very funny game, even the riddles will be full of jokes. The graphics look very promising and the characters are animated in a cartoon-style manner and quality.

It is still questionable whether Blizzard can start a renaissance of adventure games. Because the character of this special setting and the atmosphere are unique and dear to all Warcraft veterans, the game might still become a success. It will not be released before Christmas anyway. The genre is an unexplored area for Blizzard, so the outcome of this experiment will be interesting. Maybe they will break traditional story and riddle patterns up. New technical developments will certainly be part of the game. For instance, the lightning of the background changes during the day according to the position of the sun.

Stay tuned for more news, it will be posted here!

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