Warcraft II hack program

This is a copy of Shlonglor's section about the War2 hack. Everyone may add it to his War2 page if he likes to. I have written a comment about this situation, read it!

End of War 2 as we know it!

A War2 Crack is out! After 1 year, 7 months of my favorite game, some George Glessmann and his buddy Shaft had to go hack the game up. He did it because they said it couldn't be done, and he did it to make his own faggot self richer. He is charging money for it. This cheat is OUT, it's all over Kali St Louis. Everyone knows about it, everyone has it.

A letter from George a "special friend" of Shaft:

Color = Shlonglor

Color = Georgy(Shaft's buddy)

First: If you are encourageing people to spam either Shaft or I, you should also make them aware that they will lose their accounts since they are abusing their priviledges. I don't have anything against hate-mail mind you, they can flame me all they want. I am mature, and can take that kind of criticism.

Lay off the name calling. It does not support your argument in anyway, and it only makes you look less mature.

Shlonglor look any less mature? Is that possible? :) Name calling is what you do for people who try to get rich by ruining our game.

I notice you have a disclaimer which states, "The html and graphics found within this page belong to me. No part of this may be reproduced, edited, or used without the written consent of me." Nice. Real cute, and then you steal from my page and slander me in the same sentance.

You were given proper credit for your words. That's all I ask of anyone. Credit for their works. You got your credit. I don't call "George always like to receive email" stealing. I wonder if anyone else does either. When people release products, it's common practice to use their own words to discribe it properly credited of course. If you looked around the web you would realize stealing and plagerizing from properly commented and credited works.

Shaft and I are separate people. Entirely different. Since you don't know what he looks like maybe you could call him racially motivated names, or maybe even call him fat, and use the n word!

I heard from many sources that you were in fact the same people. I just took their word after all I really don't care if it's two of you or just one, you're both fags. Last time I heard, fat people are not a race. Racially motivated names eh? Where do fat people live? fat land? Do I got it out for fat people? No. Just fat people like you that ruin our game and try to make money offa it. My comments are born outta rage that someone would not only ruin my favorite game, but demand to be paid for it too.

Alright, now we can start a dialog like two adults. Shaft released War2Hack yesterday. He has been working on it for a little while now, however, he and I are the only people who have known about this.

Next, Shaft has a detector made, but he needs a few more days to test it out, and most likely it will be free. If you would have contacted us first instead of cranking up the rumor mill, we could have straightened this all out.

Shaft only wanted to add an expansion to the game, but you ran off half cocked, and told everyone that the sky was falling. Nice going Chicken Little. What we wanted to do was to create an add-on enviornment for War2, a game we both loved before it became too predictable. Like you say, there have been no new strats for a long long long time. War2Hack has been made to make the game exciting again. Have you played 1 on 1 with both players having War2Hack? I thought not. Even if you did, you have to admit that it was fun.

First of all, if you did care about War 2, you would have release the detector FIRST not later. What did you think would happen? Did you think people wouldn't use it in real games vs all the people they never had the skills to beat? If you did, you're as dumb as I think you are. If you truely did want to improve war2, you would have built various safe codes within the program to ensure that everyone knew about the cheat and when it's being used. The cheat detector would have been incorperated into the program. Don't give me a load of crap about improving the game when you are charging people for the "full version" and when the detector is not on your page. Your cheat still ruins the game. Now we all have to have our stupid detectors. And that still means that our games will be ruined, we just will know when it's happening. You don't pass out poision to everyone then offer the antidote a few days-weeks later. Just cuz we got the anti-venom doesn't mean the sting don't still hurt. I'm sure I'll have plenty of ruined games now thanks to you as will everyone else. This was a blow I'm sure you were expecting. Obviously you care nothing about war2, and just want to make your pockets fat like someone else I know.

If you wonder why I don't respond via email, I don't want to you to stink up my email with your vile 1s and 0s.

What does the cheat do?
The cheats seem to last for about 10 minutes into the game and you can modify all building/unit properties. You can make peons pop out of farms, have upgrades out of ANY building, make footman/peons/whatever explode, everything.

From Fat boys's page:

War2Hacker does not change the WarCaft2 executable, or its accompanying files, in any way. It finds the unit and building data in memory, then changes that data from their defaults to what you have selected using War2Hacker. War2Hacker allows you to select what each class of building creates and lets you define each class of unit's abilities. For example, you can have Stables produce an Ogre-Mage upgrade, then select that Paladins cast Ogre-Mage spells. Now you have a Paladin attack force that can cast Bloodlust and Runes, instead of Healing and Exorcism.

Where to get the cheat?
Anyone who wants the cheat already knows about it and can easily get it. People criticized me for putting a link to it, but think about this folks. The Diablo cheat? Anyone that wanted that thing knew about it and had it. So why add a link to his page? Well so you can go see and judge for yourself and so you can overload his server so he gets in trouble. It also has info about his fat ass on his page so you can make fun of him via email. I'm sure someone would tell you about the cheat so I might as well show you myself. Shaft, the Get rich by ruining our game, jerk!

This is NOT to be Confused with Shaf the War2 page guy.
Shaft's Wanna be disclaimer

I do not intend for War2Hacker to be used against players without the application. I do not endorse, nor promote, such behavior. Sadly, player's use of this application is beyond my control, but I don't want a "hacks are cheap" environment to form in reaction to this utility. It is meant to extend a great game to new levels of repeat playibility. People who use this against non-War2Hacker players are scum, and should be treated as such. 'Nuff said.

If that were true, he would have programed in some convention to make it so it were obvious that people were cheating. He wouldn't have removed the cheats on messages and the like. Clearly he wanted to make some money and allow his probably non playing ability ass win some games.

This is NOT to be Confused with Shaf the War2 page guy. This is not the guy with the human war2 page I talk about and have links to.

Solutions to the hack?

1.) Take it out on Fat Boy and Shaft They are clearly to blame. But what can you do to them? If you think your revenge and rage is best vented on the cause, feel free. Be warned however that email bombing is most likely not the best course of action. That stuff can be easliy traced and people do get in big trouble for that sorta stuff all the time. I get mail bombed all the time yet it doesn't seem to slow me down ;)

2.) Ask Blizzard to fix it? First of all, Blizzard got all their money offa War 2 already. They even sold the thing off to HomeSystem machines and to gaming networks. They don't have a lot of reason other than their reputation to fix it. It's funny now that Blizzard is know for the best Strategy games, but also for the biggest hacked games ;) If blizzard does do anything to fix this problem, it will undoubtably delay Starcraft. But personally, I'm willing to accept that. The first War 2 patch which we campaigned for, delayed the expansion pack but also allowed us for the first time to play 8 player games, AND fixed the color problem. It was worth it. Do you think that asking blizzard to fix it is the key? Well feel free to tell them via email. Don't be demanding or whatever because it's not their fault. They didn't hack the game. This game was created back in dos days when you couldn't alt tab to windows and do stuff. Support@Blizzard.com

3.) Possibly ask Jay to do something? Jay runs kali for the clueless :) I don't know what he could do but possibly he could get blizzard to do something or do something himself.

4.) Play with only people you know. This will ruin all those servers such as the Warcraft Server, Kali St Louis, where people just play games without knowing everyone. This will also ruin Leagues. But It probably won't change my games much except my smurfing ones :)

5.) Use Shaft's hack detector? Gee using a detector to detect a cheat that the guy who made the detector made. Isn't there something wrong with that? At least if he does make it he won't charge for it. Pretty nice of him eh? I will ruin war2, but for free I will give a a sorta patch :)

Thanks to NWTRruGAME for first informing me of this problem.

Do you have a War 2 page? Feel free to cut and paste anything I have here in this section, and this section only, and join the campaign to jack Shaft up/Request Blizzard for a patch. Please at least link back to my page if you do however.

Here is the link: Shlonglor's mirror site

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