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Cavalry - Siege Weapons - Fishing, Trade and Transport - War Ships - 1st part (Special Units, Infantry, Archers)


Scout Unit?AgeCostResearch/Upgrade costHPDamageRangeArmorSpeedTrain at
ScoutSTool100 -60 3 --fastStable
Chariot ChariotRBronze40 60 -100 7 (x2 vs Priest)-resistance to conversionfastStable
Cavalry CavalryCBronze70 80 -150 8 (+5 vs infantry)--fastStable
Heavy Cavalry Heavy CavalryCIron70 80 350 125 150 10 (+5 vs infantry)-1+1 piercingfastStable
CataphractCIron70 80 2000 850 180 12 (+5 vs infantry)-3+1 piercingfastStable
War Elephant War ElephantEIron170 40 -600 15 trample, not upgradable--slowStable

Description: Cavalry units are fast but weaker in melee battle than Infantry units. Their purpose is to take out shooters (Siege Weapons and Archers). The Scout and the War Elephant play quite a different role in combat than the other Cavalry units.
Strongest against: Missile units
Counterattack: Infantry


Siege Weapons

Catapult Unit?AgeCostResearch/Upgrade costHPDamage (Area)RangeArmorSpeedTrain atFire rate
Stone ThrowerCBronze180 80 -75 50 (1x1)10, min. 2-slowSiege Workshop1/5s
Heavy Catapult CatapultCIron180 80 300 250 75 60 (2x2)12, min. 2-slowSiege Workshop1/5s
Heavy CatapultCIron180 80 1800 900 150 60 (3x3)13, min. 2-slowSiege Workshop1/5s
Ballista BallistaBIron100 80 -55 40 9, min. 3-slowSiege Workshop1/3s
HelepolisBIron100 80 1500 1000 55 40 10, min. 3-slowSiege Workshop2/3s

Description: Siege Engines are designed to be used against buildings, but Ballistas and especially the Helopolis ("City Killer") do also very well against troops. Researching Ballistics makes a great difference because you get predictive firing that will help you to hit moving targets. All Siege Engines are helpless if attacked from a close range and destroyed quickly. Protection is very important.
Strongest against: Buildings (towers!), Archers; Ballistas also against other troops if protected.
Counterattack: Cavalry, Infantry, Villagers, but not Priests


Fishing, Trade and Transport

Fishing boat Unit?AgeCostUpgrade CostHPArmorSpeedTrain atCapacity
Fishing BoatFStone50 -45-mediumDock15
Fishing ship Fishing ShipFBronze50 50 100 75 -fastDock20
Trade boat Trade BoatRStone100 -200 -fastDock20 goods
Merchant ship Merchant ShipRBronze100 200 75 250 -fastDock20 goods
Light transport Light TransportTTool150 -150 -mediumDock5 units
Heavy transport Heavy TransportTIron150 150 125 200 -fastDock10 units

Description: Fishing ships gain food, merchant ships trade your goods for gold, and your transports carry your troops to other islands. All ships are twice as resistant than land units to conversion.


War Ships

Scout ship Unit?AgeCostUpgrade/Research CostHPDamage (Area)RangeArmorSpeedTrain atFire rate
Scout ShipETool135 -120 5 5 -fastDock-
War galley War GalleyEBronze135 150 75 160 8 6 -fastDock-
Trireme TriremeEIron135 250 100 200 12 7 -fastDock-

Description: There are only two type of Ships in AoE: the Scout ship that can be upgraded up to the Trireme and the Catapult Trireme. Triremes fire much more often than Catapult Triremes and are indeed a danger for them if controlled properly, taking advantage of the fact that the Catapults tend to overshoot.
Strongest against: Ships that are not upgraded yet to the same level, defenseless Transports and Villagers :-)
Counterattack: Siege Weapons, Priests (when the ships are near the shore), Ships with better upgrades, Catapult Triremes or Juggernauts with Ballistics


Catapult Ships

Catapult trireme Unit?AgeCostUpgrade/Research CostHPDamage (Area)RangeArmorSpeedTrain atFire rate
Catapult TriremeCIron135 75 300 100 120 35 (1x1)9 -fastDock1/5s
JuggernautCIron135 75 2000 900 200 35 (2x2)10 -fastDock1/5s

Description: The second ship type is a kind of Siege Weapon for the sea. Once Ballistics is researched and you have upgraded the Catapult Triremes, your Juggernauts will rule the sea. Unupgraded Catapult Triremes can be sunk by normal Triremes if the player who controls them has clue of the game (see above).
Strongest against: Pretty much anything when upgraded to Juggernaut.
Counterattack: Catapults, more Juggernauts with Ballistics :-)


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