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Posted by Leo Brum on Monday, 10 November 1997, at 9:21 a.m.


This is a high impact tactic to use on maps that are inland, big islands (with marshes to cross) and even on the islands scenarios.

Principle: You have all the time in the world to go after whats near you. You only have that period while your opponents are busy harvesting to steal their wealth...

Execution: Get as many workers as you can in the beginning. Concentrate on food and just enough wood for 3 or 4 buildings.

Before that, send out your people in wide explorations (use the waypoints feature, to get a good recconaissance pattern).

How to carry out this strategy

As soon as you identify reserves of stone and gold:

Send immediatelly at least 4 peasants there, and build a storage pit as close to it as you can (it speeds up pick-up and keeps enemy peasants away...). harvest like mad (send in more villagers as soon as you can).

As soon as you can, research & build towers (2 or 3 ideally) near each resource being harvested. When the terrain is good (ex. corner of an island, etc., where you can wall only 2 sides...) wall your people in, in order to deny access to the enemy more time.

At first, the enemy will waste resources in clubmen, then axemen, that are not any match for your towers. Bowmen will be his next try (he he he...). While that is going on, you upgraded the towers, and walled defensivelly.

Boy, is he going to be hampered by this - not only he does not get "his" share of the gold and stone, but also he wastes resources (needed to upgrade) on futile attempts against your towers...


In islands, there is always at least one or two small islands with resources that you can (and should) disembark on and mine desperatelly before he gets the triremes.

The computer is very careless with these, giving you an edge in gold...

I have found this tactic to be very effective against the computer.
It is the only way I get to win 3 or 4 computers in an inland scenario. Otherwise, one of them, at least, will grow too big on ballistas / catapults and wipe you out after you get a bit weakened by obliterating the others...


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