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You can combine units into a group by pressing SHIFT and dragging the mouse over them. You assign the group to a certain number by pressing CTRL and a number key (1 to 9). If you want to switch back to this group later, you simply have to press the group number. You can always deselect a unit from a group by pressing SHIFT and clicking at the unit. To select a group, just press the corresponding number key. If you press ALT plus the number key, the view will even be centered on that group. You may think that nine groups are more than you need, but in fact it is not too much.

Loomer has mentioned on Area S that he separates the units by their speed and makes four groups, one for the fast Cavalry, one for Infantry and Archer units, one for slow infantry and one for Siege Engines. I go even further and separate them by their function: how to group units (47 K)

  1. the Infantry gets number 1. If you have a lot of both Infantry types, you can divide the Infantry into two groups (e. g. 1 and 4). Thus you can always throw them into melee combat easily.
  2. the Archers (there are have no archers on foot here) get number 2 so you can keep them at a distance to the enemy.
  3. the Cavalry gets the 3 and stays at the flank to intercept Priests and Siege Weapons, as well as killing enemy villagers whenever possible.
  4. number 4 is used for Elite Infantry (Phalanx) here, you can save this number for transports on sea maps.
  5. number 5 are the Siege Weapons. It is a must that their attack is well coordinated.
  6. last but not least - the Priests. If you see a War Elephant, you just have to press 6, then right click on the Elephant to convert it.
  7. Scouts (not visible here) have their own numbers. Use all free groups for Scout, the best is if you can use one number for each Scout.
If you need a particular kind of unit, you can get them instantly by pressing its number. To move your whole army, simply drag your mouse over it (as done in the picture), then right click to the target area. Do not make a new group or your old groups will be deleted. If you do not have much time, do not worry too if one guy is in the wrong group; you can also put Priests and Siege Weapons into one group to simplify the scheme (having four groups then). Do not forget to group your units prior to combat, you will not have enough time in the middle of a battle.

a granary with a hotkey Special tricks

Unless you farmers are close to a unique building to which you can switch with a hotkey (e. g. CTRL+K for Siege Workshop or H for the Town Center), you should assign one of your granaries to group 9.
To assign a hotkey to a granary (or any other building that does not have a system hotkey), highlight it and then type Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9. Then use Alt+<number> to jump to the granary. (Raymond)

In the Stone Age, give every new unit its own number so you can scout your neighborhood very efficiently. Concentrate your troops as soon as you have more of them or find the enemy :)

Also use a hotkey for your war ships (e. g. 8) and your transports (e. g. 4). The numbers are of course only suggestions; use the number that you like. Profit from the high number of groups available and do not make only one or two of them! You will have an advantage in combat then when speed matters.

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